April 15, 2020

Little Futures' Virtual Party Guide

Parents and families are currently having to come up with creative ways to keep their litte’uns on lockdown entertained.  For those whose children have had birthday parties or other celebrations during the last few weeks, planning for that special event has required an extra twist of imagination.

The fun certainly doesn’t need to stop just because we can’t all physically be together and the speed at which many children’s entertainers and educators have adapted their businesses to offer kids virtual parties or classes is nothing less than impressive.

There are many benefits to hosting a virtual party over a traditional party, for example they can be vastly less expensive, less waste is created, less travel makes them more eco-friendly and family can join from anywhere in the world. So, although we definitely don’t want them to replace face-to-face festivities following lockdown, we still think that you can have the biggest, baddest party during quarantine.

Invite your guests

Before a virtual party you’ll need to invite your guests. Send a digital invite out to grandparents, other family members, friends or even the whole class to all get on a link at the same time. You’ll need to let them know that the party will be held virtually, which link to follow, the time to log on, and if there is anything they need to do in preparation. You can send out a completely free Little Futures invite which has the option of easily detailing all your virtual party specifics.


Children may be worried that they are going to miss out on getting a present this year. If we can avoid asking guests to make their way to the post office to deliver their presents and prevent a load of deliveries into our homes, then we should. Asking for gift contributions is a simple solution.

By using a Little Futures virtual party invitation, you can still ask guest to contribute (and make it oh- so-easy for them to do so!). This could be for a group gift that your child really wants, horse-riding lessons, a trip to Pepper Pig land with their friends, a camping trip with grandma and grandpa or whatever you think they will truly look forward to when lockdown comes to an end.


If you haven’t already booked your party entertainer, a quick google search comes up with some great options.  By using an established children’s party entertainer or organiser you can sit back safe in the knowledge that they will run a smooth, interactive and fun party for your child and their guests.

Themes and Games

If you’d rather do it yourself, here are some ideas to get the party started.

Set a fancy-dress theme, even better you could ask your guest to only use items they can find around the house to decorate themselves with. You’ll be amazed by what some children can transform themselves into using a cardboard box, some loo rolls and crayons!

Organise a treasure hunt (get the other parents to hide things in the same places i.e. under the sofa cushion) and share the clues on the screen.

Play some traditional party games: Heads or Tails, Simon Says, Musical Statues and many more can still be played across a screen. 

Dance! Get them moving by planning a virtual dance party. If your choreography skills are feeling a little dusty then YouTube is a good place to start to find children’s dance videos which you can screen share with your guests.

Or keep it chilled and get them to all watch a film together at the same time.

It’s party time

Ready to get the virtual party started, follow the link to create your invitation.

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