April 27, 2020

What To Buy - Children's Birthday Inspiration

At Little Futures we are passionate about changing the way we think about gifting and gifting inspiration.

We want to break the chain of buying gifts for the sake of bringing gifts, especially when the outcome is often wasted money and creates waste.

We believe that getting a present you actually want is not only an amazing thing, but that good gifting can help us live more experiences, make more memories, support our environment, educate us, bring us together and even benefit us in the future.

We love hearing feedback from our users on what they’ve asked for contributions towards, and what impact these have had on their own, and their families lives.

We wanted to share some of the fantastic ideas that our brilliant and creative Little Futures users have shared with us.

Subscription boxes

Clever parents are using their children’s birthday contributions to invest in subscription boxes. Whether this is for their children’s favourite books, magazines, baking kits, arts & crafts and more, it means their child can have friends and family to thank for having something to look forward to every month.

A children’s cookery class

For our future budding Jamie Olivers out there, the gift of a children’s cookery course can help them brush up their skills whilst making friends with similar interests.


Tickets for a theatre show, sporting event or a concert can be a once in a lifetime and memorable experience for your child to have. You may be able to bring along some of their friends and grab some grub beforehand too.

Sponsor an animal

Is your little one passionate about penguins, or enthusiastic about elephants? The gift of sponsoring their favourite animal will encourage their interest in wildlife and teach them a valuable lesson on how humans can help look after our animals most in need. Look out Attenborough, here we come!

Adventure pass

There are lots of annual passes that can be purchased to get discounts off family days out. This way you can use the money to take your children on unforgettable adventures throughout the year. The gift that keeps on giving!

Outdoor holiday gear

We all know that outdoor equipment and kit can be eye-wateringly expensive, but once you’ve got it the world becomes a big adventure playground. Kids camel backpacks, hiking boots, binoculars, tents and sleeping bags can be used to really get the most out of an outdoor family holiday, or even just make the garden into an outdoor adventure trip for the night.

There are so many fantastic ideas on gifts that really matter. Please do share your own on our Instagram or by emailing us: [email protected] - We love hearing from you!!

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