We live in a society that needs to be progressive in thinking about sustainability. With alarming stories in the news daily about the dangers faced to our planet, we as a nation have reacted.

Parents, arguably more than others, are changing their behaviours, with a move towards organic baby foods, eco nappies and recycled and ethical products, gifts and toys.

So why are we still encouraging the over consumption of plastic and wasteful gifts at children’s birthday parties, baby showers and christenings? The key to a sustainable future is not only about changing the way we think, but about setting good examples to the next generation.

Little Futures is a platform that encourages a new approach that not only cuts down on unwanted gifts but invests in our children's futures whilst also encouraging our children from an early age to recognise that the choices we make are important to look after our lovely planet!

We are a gifting registry platform with a difference. Little Futures allows parents to decide what their child receives; whether it's an eco-toy from one of our affiliate partners, investing in a child's university or trust fund, sport or music lessons, or donating to a charity or local childcare provider. The parents would create an unique invite link within the platform that can be shared with other parents. This would include the event information, and a message explaining the parent's purpose and ambition of using Little Futures.