Why Little Futures?

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The real party starts here

When we say 'real' we mean something meaningful, beneficial and sustainable. Little Futures means big benefits.

Born out of frustrated families ending up with unwanted, environmentally unfriendly gifts, we wanted to create a quick, easy and attractive way to encourage friends and family to contribute in a way that benefits our little ones' futures.

Help save the environment

Little Futures understands that children love toys, and receiving the gifts they really want is exciting! However, often the number of gifts received is excessive and many are hardly played with. Tons of which go to landfill every year.

We live in a society that needs to be progressive in thinking about sustainability. With alarming stories in the daily news about the dangers facing our planet.

Little Futures is the answer to the over consumption of plastic and wasteful gifts at children's birthday parties, baby showers and christenings. The key to a sustainable future is not only about changing the way we think, but about setting good examples for the next generation.

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Beat the clutter and collect for useful gifts

Dreading piles of plastic toys all over your house? Beat the clutter by collecting for sustainable group gifts, lessons, a child savings account or Junior ISA, pretty much anything you think will benefit your child's future.

Collect for longer term savings like their education, Junior ISA or even for current hobbies like music, sports lessons or even experiences.

Save time for yourself and other parents

With one click payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay or any credit or debit card, it'll save busy parents lots of time and prevent last-minute shopping.

It's easy for friends and family to contribute from anywhere in the world. So even if long distance relatives can't make the party, they're still free to contribute, saving on postage and packaging.

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Easily create invites in under a minute

Invites for any occasion in under a minute on mobile, tablet or desktop. Invitations include gifting options and are shareable on any device by email, WhatsApp or any way you choose.

We know time is a valuable commodity for parents, so save yours.

Give back to those in need

Optionally choose to give a percentage of your received amount to charity. Select from one of our supporting charities including Unicef, NSPCC, Make-A-Wish, WWF and more.

Help teach children the important concept of helping those who are less fortunate.